CNP brokers

CNP brokers

  • 1 Mar 2019

Duration | 2 months (2018)

CNP Insurance services offer personal risk insurance and savings solutions to individuals. As part of their digital transformation, they wanted to develop better relations with their brokers. All communications between CNP and their brokers were done by email and phone. They knew something better could be done, but just didn’t know what, exactly.

I was given the opportunity to lead the project with another UX Designer. First things first, we conducted more than 12 interviews with brokers and insurance agents to understand what they wished for and get a feeling of the company constraints.

We found out that the company needed to share more valuable information with their brokers and at the right time. So we brought these two worlds together to discover avenues of thought and solutions.

We gathered many indications about what each party had in mind: some were reticent to change, others thought an extranet was the answer, and for yet others the path forward was improved human contact, rather than tools.


We organized an ideation workshop to spark innovative ideas, with roughly 10 participants that we split into two groups. By doing this, conversations would be easily facilitated and more outputs collected.
Using the Value Proposition Map we asked each participant to place their Post-its in the different sections (customer jobs, pains, gains, etc.). Using this process we captured enough insights to prioritize and start sketching a Minimum Viable Product.








Getting our two groups to pitch their ideas is an exciting moment. Everyone embraces the new ideas or raises their concerns. This step ends with a vote. We do this to ensure the solution is fairly adopted. Later, participants would share with their colleagues the constructive solutions they had worked on.
Following this workshop, we had enough sketches and ideas to give life to a prototype.







We crafted a clickable prototype on Invision and tested it among brokers and prospective brokers and what a surprise. Our prototype not only fulfilled functional expectations such as better organization, reduced effort and connected data, but it also simplifyied the work process and saved time.

We succeeded on two levels. Firstly, we provided positivity and motivation amongst brokers. And then by leveraging insights into our extranet we also delivered on an emotional level : reducing anxiety and providing access to valuable information via an attractive tool that was plebiscited by all the stakeholders.